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World’s largest selection of Ray Schuler pool cues

Ray Schuler Pool Cues

The College of Pool and Billiards offers for sale this stock of historic original pool cues by legendary cuemaker Ray Schuler. Each cue was personally signed by Mr. Schuler before his death in 2002.

Many of these custom pool cues and billiard cues are one-of-a-kind original designs and your purchase gives you a cue that has a unique appearance along with unmatched performance. Some carry two signatures, one by Ray Schuler and another by an accomplished champion from previous years.

Each of the rare custom pool cues in this offering is at least twelve years old—some are 30 years old or older. All are new, never used, except as noted in the description for an individual cue.

The cues signed “by Ray Schuler” cannot be replaced, and when the pool cues and billiard cues offered here are sold, they will be removed from the website forever.

Please take a look at all of cues available: Cues Under $1000, Cues $1000-$1500, and Cues over $1500.

Most Major Credit Cards Accepted
*Most Major Credit Cards Accepted